Medication Management Services

It’s not too late to ask for help

Depression, anxiety and trauma are some of the terms that people are still scared to use when discussing their mental health. It’s possible that the stigma attached to it is such that individuals require a lot of effort to finally make the decision about seeking professional help. A failing career and a stunted love life can affect your mood significantly, but red flags pop up once these problems start affecting your mood to the extent that you fail to get out of bed every morning and slack off on menial tasks. People will shrug it off, and it is often too late when they begin asking questions about the state of their mental health.

Here, at Fernandez Community Center Raleigh NC, we know how important it is to realize that it is never too late to ask for help when it comes to one’s mental health well-being. The experts here are familiar with the hardships, distress and trauma that an unhealthy mind can have on one’s body. Our medication management treatments are designed to ensure that prescribed medication produces an optimal therapeutic outcome for you.

Treating Opioid dependence

Addiction is like a Venus flytrap. Once it catches on, it’s difficult and painful to get rid of.  The same case is with opioid addiction. In the United States, more than 800 people die from an opioid overdose each week. This means that opioid dependence is a problem for every age group and gender. Getting treatment for addiction is not just a physically straining but also emotionally and mentally difficult, which is why it requires a lot of strength. One option that individuals dealing with addiction can explore is medication management treatment.

The medication-assistance treatment at Fernandez Community Center is designed to help individuals with the painful process. The treatment makes use of drugs to target the change that the brain went through under opioid, so as to lessen the intensity of this painful experience. It allows them to relieve themselves of cravings over a period of time by taking dosages of prescribed medication. Visit our facility in Raleigh, NC and embark on the road to a healthier life.