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Cognitive Behavior

Shattering the stigma around mental health Sometimes,you find yourself distracted and unable to complete tasks that you could easily perform before. It’s possible that you find yourself becoming easily overwhelmed by feelings of hopelessness and distress. Considering that the symptoms of mental health deterioration are often equated with mere sadness, you may it difficult to […]
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Substance Abuse Treatment

The vice that is drug addiction Outpatient Programs offer substance use evaluations, short and long term individual counseling, group therapy, psychiatric evaluation, and medication assisted treatment service. Ask Queries! Seek help before it is late When it comes to substances such as drugs and alcohol, there is a fine line between using substances for recreational […]
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Psychiatric Evaluation

Psychiatric Evaluation A comprehensive psychiatric evaluation may be needed to diagnose emotional, behavioral, or developmental disorders. An evaluation of a child, adolescent, or adult is made based on behaviors present and in relation to physical, genetic, environmental, social, cognitive (thinking), emotional, and educational parts that may be affected as a result of these behaviors. Ask […]
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Mental Health Therapy

Do you feel like you don’t fit? One would think that with increased globalization, people around the world would feel more connected with each other. The case seems to differ vastly from that. Now, more than before, individuals of all ages, but especially young adults feel that they don’t fit within the structures society has […]
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Medication Management

Medication Management Medicines play a very important role in the treatment of different mental health issues. The right medication can reduce or eliminate symptoms and improve the patient’s quality of life. Mental health professionals are aware that the effectiveness of medication differ from patient to patient. Trained professionals know how to account for different factors, […]
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Outpatient Therapy

Outpatient Therapy Individual, group, and family therapies (also known as Outpatient Therapy) are aimed at treating children, adolescents, or adults with behavioral disorders, trauma, anxiety, grief and loss issues and depression.  Therapy may be provided at different sites including our offices, school, home, and various community settings. Ask Queries! Why do your children need family […]
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Clinical Assessment

Clinical Assessment A diagnostic assessment is a comprehensive, written evaluation conducted by a mental health professional who works closely with each the person and family to identify what services or activities would be most helpful for the individual needs. Ask Queries! Ask Queries! Have many questions in your mind? Please feel free to ask here! […]
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Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Why should you consider dialectical behavioral treatment? Sometimes people find it difficult to manage their emotions. Their responses to situations that concern romantic life, family or relationships with friends can elicit certain emotional responses that are unusually heightened and out of the ordinary. In cases like these, it becomes common to feel isolated because one […]
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Couples Therapy Services

No Relationship Is Perfect; It Takes WorkTo Make It Work Every relationship has its own pace with multiple ups and downs; there are moments of passion, excitement and intimacy, and there are moments of frustration and disagreements. Both are signs of a healthy and balanced relationship. But when the balance is tilted and feelings of […]
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Cannabis Youth Treatment

We care about your children Adolescence is a tricky time in everyone’s life. With the number of changes a body is going through, it becomes hard to keep track of where a child’s mental health is headed. In this uncertain period, a little mistake can have long-term implications on the child’s future. One of these […]
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