Substance Abuse Treatment Services

The vice that is drug addiction

Around 19.7 million American adults (above the age of 12) suffer from substance abuse disorder according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. This means that almost 19.7 million lives are plagued with problems regarding physical and mental health. Being the strong vice that drug addiction is, it’s hard to ask for help or even consider quitting because the body goes through several painful episodes in the absence of drugs. This is why most cases of drug overdose occur because people are unable to rid themselves of this terrible vice. Just because the process of getting rid of drug addiction is harder than most, it doesn’t mean that one can’tdefeat it.

Leading mental health treatment centers, such as Fernandez Community Center in Raleigh, NC offer substance abuse treatment for individuals who suffer from addiction. The certified individuals will devise a treatment process for individuals, so they are able to overcome their weaknesses and manage their mental as well as physical health better.

Seek help before you become an addict

When it comes to substances such as drugs and alcohol, there is a fine line between using substances for recreational purposes and abuse. It’s more common than one might think because when it comes to substituting the pain of failing marriages or bad grades with the ‘high’, the idea doesn’t seem too bad. One might think that this is only the fifth night in a row you’re drinking to drown your pain, but before you know it, the desire to drink every night will take over and you’re on your way to becoming an addict.

If the story sounds familiar and you think you, or someone you love, is on this track right now then seek help. Fernandez Community Center in Raleigh, NC offers specialized programs for substance abuse treatment. Our experts are committed to making sure the process is as less painful as possible, so that it’s easier for you to get back to being the best version of yourself.