Outpatient Therapy

Outpatient Therapy

Individual, group, and family therapies (also known as Outpatient Therapy) are aimed at treating children, adolescents, or adults with behavioral disorders, trauma, anxiety, grief and loss issues and depression.  Therapy may be provided at different sites including our offices, school, home, and various community settings.

Why do your children need family therapy?

The social dynamics of our society are in flux with children being separated from their parents. Some of them are sent to foster homes or put up for adoption. In cases like these, ties between the child and its new family are uncertain. It’s common for the child to feel detached from its foster or adoptive parents because it’s been separated from the birth parents. Similarly, it’s also common for the new parents to feel as if the child is rejecting all advances of love and affection from their side. If relationships stay like this, the family begins to tear apart, and the child might develop behavioral problems that are likely to be detrimental for him in the future.
For families that are struggling in similar ways, family therapyis an option that they could look into. Certified family therapists at Fernandez Community Center in Raleigh, NC is equipped to handle cases of complicated family ties so that you and your child can manage your mental health together by reconciling your differences.
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