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No Relationship Is Perfect; It Takes WorkTo Make It Work

Every relationship has its own pace with multiple ups and downs; there are moments of passion, excitement and intimacy, and there are moments of frustration and disagreements. Both are signs of a healthy and balanced relationship. But when the balance is tilted and feelings of being distant with your partner get heightened, that’s when you know things are not going in the right direction. Your friends give you multiple suggestions about spicing up your sex life or going out on more dates to make your relationship healthy again, but sometimes nothing seems to work. Even when both of you are trying to fix things with all your might, things just don’t seem to go your way.
Cases like these can cause emotional distress and are a threat to one’s mental well-being. If ending the relationship is something that you want to avoid, then one option you could explore is couples therapy. Professionals at Fernandez Community Center in Raleigh, NC provide a safe environment for you and your partner to resolve your differences and start a new phase of your relationship with renewed trust and compassion.

Working through the rough patch

Amidst all the happy couple pictures on social media and accounts of perfect relationships in romantic comedies, one can’t help but compare their own relationship to all these examples around them. By comparing your relationship to all these unrealistic standards, individuals often find themselves focusing on the bad parts of their own relationships. In instances like these, the individual might feel that the chemistry between the couple is not as strong as it was in the early days. Disagreements and fights start occurring more frequently than before. It’s also possible that individuals look for ways to break out of the cycle, by acting out and indulging in things like cheating or alcoholism.
It’s clear that the impact of a bad relationship on your mental and physical health is not something that is desired. If you, or someone youknow, is going through a similar situation and want to work on their relationship then perhaps it is time they consider couples therapy. Visit Fernandez Community Center in Raleigh, NC and let their certified professionals help you overcome obstacles in your relationship.
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