Substance Abuse Treatment

The vice that is drug addiction

Outpatient Programs offer substance use evaluations, short and long term individual counseling, group therapy, psychiatric evaluation, and medication assisted treatment service.

Seek help before it is late

When it comes to substances such as drugs and alcohol, there is a fine line between using substances for recreational purposes and abuse. It’s more common than one might think because when it comes to substituting the pain of failing marriages or bad grades with the ‘high’, the idea doesn’t seem too bad. One might think that this is only the fifth night in a row you’re drinking to drown your pain, but before you know it, the desire to drink every night will take over.
If the story sounds familiar and you think you, or someone you love, is on this track right now then seek help. Fernandez Community Center in Raleigh, NC offers specialized programs for substance abuse treatment. Our experts are committed to making sure the process is as less painful as possible, so that it’s easier for you to get back to being the best version of yourself.
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